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This is a fun and accessible way for kids aged 7 and above to get into the world of moviemaking by producing a stop motion animation with minimal adult supervision needed!


Kids log in at their own convenience, on their own schedule, wherever they are, using tech and materials they probably already have.

This program is perfect for smart kids who:
  • Love making things with their Tech.


Use an iPad with an app, a smartphone with a stand, or a laptop/Chromebook with a webcam and Google's Stop Motion program.


  • Love making things with their hands.


Mold characters out of modeling clay or play dough, or build them out of plastic bricks, sticks, paper, or any other crafting supplies.

  • Are creative.


Build sets and backdrops using trifold presentation boards and craft supplies such as markers, crayons, yarn, cotton balls, tin foil, tape, etc.


  • Enjoy assembling elements to make a whole.


Bring together characters and sets with narration and sound effects to illustrate a plot and make an actual movie.


  • Like to make up stories.


Outlandish storylines and out-of-this-world characters are entirely within the possibilities of a stop motion animator.

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