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Based on statistics, hamstring injury mainly in athletes have consistently risen over the last 10 years and spiked even more post Covid.  Athletes and active individuals, who wish to guard their hamstrings while accelerating the recovery time from a hamstring injury, should try out The Shanban Hamstring Support System. 

Leg Injury



Hamstring injuries are all too common in athletes and anyone who engages in activities that involve sprinting, climbing, jumping, or lunging. It can be caused by muscle strain, a tear in the muscle fibers, overstretching of the muscle or tendons, or an imbalance between the different muscles in the back of the leg. Your hamstring is a powerful tendon that links your biggest thigh muscle to the bone, allowing you to move and flex your leg quickly. It's invaluable for bending and stretching the legs.

Hamstring injuries can range from mild to severe, with each grade having unique symptoms. Grade 1 is a strain and may cause sudden radiating pain in the back of your thigh but will not affect strength. Grade 2 involves partial tear, which brings more discomfort, swelling, bruising, and loss of power. Lastly, for severe tears (Grade 3), expect the worst level of pain plus tenderness, bump, or knot on the area as well as spasms and stiffness after the cool-down period.



Improves recovery time of hamstring injury


Decreases probability of re-injury


Supports healthy hamstrings to prevent injury


Strengthens the hamstring and quadriceps muscles


Help users return to activity faster while reducing the chance of reinjury during rehabilitation

How I Came Up With The Idea

I played division one football and suffered from chronic hamstring injuries during that time. Our trainers would make makeshift elastic band devices so we could still practice while recovering from a hamstring injury or to prevent a more serious hamstring injury from happening while in recovery. When I moved on to professional football, I began to feel pain and tightness in my hamstring again, so I looked for a similar device to purchase but found none.


After months of research, I realized no commercial product existed for hamstring injuries besides compression sleeves (which only help with pain). Over the next few years, I worked on developing the Shanban so that any athlete in any sport or regular citizen could return to sports or everyday activities much faster and with more confidence. The Shanban has been developed and tested by doctors, professional athletes, and professional athletic trainers

Physical Therapist

How it works?

When wearing the Shanban, the tension adiustable resistance band will retard the front leg moving into hip flexion and knee extension, thereby assisting the hamstring muscle in passively resisting this rapid action of the rectus femoris. In essence, it mitigates or absorbs the forces that the hamstring otherwise would withstand during this action.

Who is it for?

  • Professional athletes

  • Physical therapists/athletic training facilities

  • High schools

  • Colleges/universities

  • Hospitals/clinics

  • sports leagues of all types including football, soccer, baseball, softball and track and field


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